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1. How could I get samples?

Please send us by email or fax with the following information for your samples order:
* The items and quantity of each item.
* Shipping information - company name, street address,post code,phone number etc.
* Freight payment ( by collect or prepay )

We can supply some free samples ( total value under 5 US dollars) if you have a FedEx or DHL account or other courier freight collect and you agree to pay the courier freight.
If the total value of samples is more than 5 US dollars, we'd like to ask you to pay for the samples and courier freight. We will send the samples to you after received of your payment.
If you don't have any courier account, you ccould please instruct your local courier office to collect samples from our company freight to be paid at your side. Or,send us the samples charge together with the courier cost by western union or T/T.

We never pay courier charge by ourselves.

2.How much the courier freight will be for the samples?
Courier freight depends on the quantity, weight and carton size and your area. Normally, for a parcel less than 0.5Kgs (both in gross weight and size weight) it cost about USD20.00-25.00 to US and Western European countries; about USD30-40.00 for east European, South American, South Asia and African countries; USD15-20.00 for South-east Asia and Pacific countries. And about USD10-15.00 for each additional 0.5Kgs.

3. How can I get your price list?
Please send us email at: sales@glow-glow.com or fax us for price list and order information.

4.Can we have our logo or company name to be printed on your products or the package?
Logo and or imprints can be printed on our products by silk screen printing. You can send us the artwork by email in JPEG or TIFF format. We offer one color LOGO printing charge free for order amount more than USD5000.00; for order less than USD5000.00, we need to charge USD0.01/color for each piece.
We also can do customized design package for clients (such as gift box, paper card). You could please send us the artwork by email in AI, EPS, TIFF or CorelDraw format ( more than 300 dpi ). The cost depands on which kind of package you wanna do.

5. How to order?
Please send us your purchase order by email or fax;or list out the items you wanna order and the quantity. Or you can ask us to send you a proforma invoice for your order. We need to know the following information for your order:

* The items you ordered and quantity of each item.
* Shipping information - company name, street address, phone number, fax number, destination airport or sea port, transportation method ( by courier,air; or by ocean)
* Delivery time required
* Freight payment ( by collect or prepay )

6. Can you arrange the transportation for us?
Yes. We prefer to arrange transportation to our clients. Normally, transportation way are--
By courier door-to-door delivery: suit for goods you ordered less than 40Kgs. Courier transportation takes about 3-7 days; the fastest and most convenient way but also most expensive way.

By Air cargo to your nearest int'l air port: suit for goods you ordered weight to 45--500Kgs, or more than 500kgs but you need goods urgently. Air cargo transportation take about 4-8 days. The air freight cost is about USD3.00-4.00/Kg for Asia and Pacific Countries, at USD4.00-5.00/kgs to American, Canada and West European Countries; at about USD5.00-6.50 to Africa, East European and South American countries. But the air freight rate is changing frequently according to seasons, oil price and something else. So please check with us for exact air freight cost while you're ordering.
By Ocean to your nearest int'l sea port: Suit for big quantity order and you need the goods not very urgently. Normally, ocean transport takes about 20-35 days. The sea freight is about USD30.00-50.00/CBM(cube meter)for Asia and Pacific Countries, at USD50.00-80.00/CBM to American, Canada and West European Countries; at about USD60.00-100.00/CBM to Africa, East European and South American countries. But the sea freight price is changing frequently according to seasons, oil price and something else. So please check with us for exact air freight cost while you're ordering.

Please give us your order list, and inform us how to ship to you with the detailed delivery address, we'll be glad to quote you a price including freight cost.

7. Our city is far away from a sea/air port, Can you ship to our city?
Yes, normally, our forwarder could delivery the order to your city by truck from the closely sea/air port. The domestic freight by truck is about US$200.00--USD500.00 one time depend on the distance.

8. What's your usual payment term for orders?
Payment by western union for samples charge and small amount less than USD1000.00
Wire transfer ( T/T ) to our company bank account for an amount more than USD1000.00.
L/C (letter of credit) at sight are acceptable, but only for order amount more than USD15000.00

9. Do you accept payment by credit card?
We can't accept payment by Credit Card as we can not deal the Credit Card in the bank of China.

10. How can we become your sole distributor?
If you could order our products for USD5,000--USD10,000 per month, you could be one of our distributor in your city or area; if you could order our products for USD 10000--USD30,000 per month, you could be our sole distributor in your country. The exact amount depands on the are/country size.

11. Do you accept small order quantity, say, 3-5000pcs an item?
Yes, we can work with small order. Normally, our price terms are:
For order less than USD5000.00-- we offer EXW Sanshui factory price, or C&F price.
For order more than USD5000.00-- we can offer FOB Shenzhen/Hong Kong price, or C&F price

And, for order less than USD2000.00, normally, we need to charge USD60-100.00 for order handling

12. Are the chemical glow light products safe?
Yes. All our chemical glow light sticks and products come in a sealed plastic case. Even if the outer casing of the glow stick is somehow punctured or broken open, the chemical contents are non-toxic and non-flammable.But please never contact the liquid with eyes or ingesting the fluid because irritation will result. There is also the possibility of an allergic reaction. Please keep in mind that under normal use you will never come into contact with the fluid inside the glow light stick. And also, please never try to puncture the glow sticks.
Glow light products are not recommended for children under the age of 5 without adult supervision.

13. How do glow light products work?
There are four components to most light sticks. The first is the plastic outer casing which holds everything inside. The second is the fluid that you can see moving around in the light stick. The third is the glass tube which floats freely in the fluid. The fourth is the fluid contained inside the glass tube.
To make a glow stick 'glow', you only need to bend the outer plastic casing to make the inner glass tube broken. The two chemicals parts will then mix together and creating the chemical reaction with 'glow'.

14. Does temperature affect glow sticks effect?
Yes, the warmer the temperature is, the brighter light the glow stick will give, but glow time will be shorter. At the other hand,the glow stick will glow longer time but not so bright at low-temperature conditions.
A tips to get an extra half hour out of your glow light stick: To reactivate a "dead" glow light stick or glow light product you just put it into boiling water for about 30 seconds and it will glow again for up to half an hour.

15. Can we turn glow light products "off" once you have activated them?
No, once you have activated a glow stick products, it will glow until the chemical reaction is finished. You can however prolong the life of yourlight stick after it has been activated-- put it into the freezer. Freezing an activated glow stick will slow the chemical reaction. Once you take it back out of the freezer, the glow light stick will start to glow again once it warms up. This technique does not stop the chemical reaction, but it slows the reaction enough that if you put it into the freezer one night and take it back out the next night, it should work fine.

16. Are glow sticks waterproof and windproof?

17.What happens if I get the chemical from a glow light products on my cloths?
Under normal use of glow sticks, this is not a issue caused. But if you happen punctured a glow stick and get the inside liquid on your clothing, simply rinse the area with warm soap water immediately to get away of it. If the chemical liquid dries on the clothing, it may cause a stain.

18. How should I store un-activated glow light products?
Glow light products should be stored in a cool dry place in the original container or packaging that they came in. Heat and humidity will shorten the shelf life of glow light products.

19. How long is the shelf life of glow light products?
The shelf life is 1 to 2 years depending on how they are packaged. Items packed inside foil packaging will normally last for 2 years and bulk items (no foil packaging) have usually 6 month--1 year shelf life.

20 How long do they glow?
Glow light products glow from 4 to 12 hours depending on the product and the ambient air temperature.

21 Do you have a question about glow sticks that has not been answered here?
If you have a question about chemical glow sticks products which you would like to be answered, please E-mail to: sales@glow-glow.com We will answer your question via email. We may also include the answer to your question here on our "Frequently Asked Questions" page.

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